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Notable Benefits of Having an Electronic Key Card Access System For Businesses

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Technological advances have seen the introduction of an electronic key card access system for businesses today. As the name may suggest, this is a keyless and codeless access system. It gives access to authorized personnel through the use of ID cards. While it is not inferior or superior over other forms, it has its share of strengths worth noting. The secret is to match the strengths of the Key Card Access system to what your business requires. Here are some of the notable advantages of a keycard access control system for your business.

Logging access activity - It has never been this easy to log activity. This is made possible by the fact that keycards can be individualized to ensure each identity for each card is unique. What this means is that you will be able to know who accessed which secure area, at what time, how many times and for how long. If there ever was a time that makes accountability easier to not only implement but also enforce, now is the time. The audit trail left behind means if secure information is compromised, or there is theft of intellectual property or personal data, it will be very easy to narrow down the investigation.

No Unauthorized Written Records with the id card access control systems - as you may be aware by now, key code access has the upper hand because it cannot be stolen physically not unless someone decides to write the code down so they can remember it. Employees can write the code down in various places even if they have been prohibited from doing so. This is not the case, however, when it comes to keycard's access systems. They cannot be written down meaning someone authorized either has it or not.

A keycard being a physical object, it means it can easily be changed. This becomes all the more important should the card get stolen. One can easily lock out or replace an old or stolen card very fast and easily. So advanced are these systems that you can even set it in such a way that should anyone decide to use the card, you will be alerted. Of course, this is an easier alternative for employees as compared to remembering a new access code.

Keycard access is convenient and easier for most employees especially when they need to access multiple locations. Instead of memorizing and trying to write down multiple codes, you can have the system designed to allow access to multiple locations using a keycard.

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